Teachers thoughtfully plan the classroom environments based on children's emerging interests and a deep respect for children's potential. 

Our Schoolmates are able to help themselves and choose many of their own activities and materials, gaining confidence and independence.

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Sharing the joy of discovery for 25 years...


Play is the child's avenue for learning. They learn through experience and hands on participation as they explore, classify and organize. Through play, they are able to develop social skills such as cooperating, negotiating, making friends, and solving problems. 

They learn to ask questions, find answers and express their feelings.

Schoolmates Preschool Ivoryton, CT

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​​Schoolmates Preschool

We are a private early childhood program situated in the center of 700 forested acres at Incarnation Center, located between Ivoryton and Deep River. 

Our beautiful natural surroundings enhance our educational framework.

Children walk the trails and explore the abundant resources at Incarnation Center, including the lake,pond, farm and  Bushy Hill Nature Center.

Observation, investigation, and documentation are key components in our learning environment.