Our daily schedule includes blocks of time for various activities which are planned and occur in sequence, giving children a familiar and secure routine.  Within this framework, there is flexibility to allow for 'teachable moments', special interests, field trips, or extended exploration.

Our curriculum is planned to include many opportunities which not only foster social, emotional, and physical growth, but which also provide intellectual stimulation and cognitive growth.

About Us

We offer an abundance of language, math, science, and problem solving experiences within a developmentally appropriate framework. We use theCT Preschool Performance Standards and the Common Core Curriculum as guides to help our children develop the skills they need for a successful transition to Kindergarten.

Schoolmates offers excellent teacher credentials, experience, and continuity. Owner/Director, Jeanie Domnarski, opened Schoolmates in 1990 after completing her Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education.  She has been an adjunct faculty member at Three Rivers Community College and is a frequent workshop presenter.  Together with her staff she promotes a philosophy of blending various components from the best approaches to early childhood education.

Our staff hold both B.S. and M.S. degrees in education and have over 50 years combined teaching experience. We are members of local and national associations of early childhood educators and regularly attend workshops and conferences. 

We think that Schoolmates is a very special place.  Our small size and excellent teacher/child ratio of 1/6 allows us to know our children well and to tailor our program to meet individual needs and interests. 

It is our goal that children become confident, productive, thoughtful and caring human beings. We strive to provide a setting that enables them to reach these goals. We encourage you to drop by, stay a while, ask questions, observe, and talk to other parents.  We believe that you too will find that Schoolmates is a very special place. 


​​Schoolmates Preschool

Schoolmates Preschool Ivoryton, CT

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